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Striving to be the very best

We recognised the need for quality packed food items which can cater for the ever-growing Desi taste bud. Keeping that in mind, we launched our own brand Prachi’s. Some of our mouth-watering products include Aloo Sev, Chutney Ghatiya, Sev Bhujia, Farali Chevdo, Crazy Bites, Chana Dal, Mung Dal, Khatta Meetha Mix, Theeka Meetha Mix, Ratlami Sev, Masala Shing and more!

We aim to provide discerning consumers with quality products  consistently.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!

Who is Prachi?

Prachi loves nothing more than the mouth-watering Street food that India has to offer. 

Our vision is simple - to share the delectable delights of Indian street food with the world. 

Prachi's snacks are now available at good retailers in the UK, Kenya, USA and Dubai. We're slowly spreading the love globally

Meet the Team

Neel Shah

Managing Director

Jagdeep Narula

Head of Global Operations

Samir Shah

Head of Global Marketting & Development

Savouries International

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